Foraged Feast 2020

This year, we were forced to completely innovate the way we served a feast to a public audience. We harvested and processed food for five months, then invited a small group to the island of North Haven, Maine to gather in a large park for a “walking feast”. The audience was lead on a walk through field, forest and beach, for an informative and surprising feast. We served each dish next to the plants from which the food was gathered, or in the ecosystem type that the food was from.


Field Feast: Wild Mint + Linden Spritz, Milkweed pods and florets sauteed and marinated

Meadow Feast: Wild Grape Leaves stuffed with Canadian Wild Rice and Maine Blueberries, Japanese Knotweed chutney served atop Curly Dock Seed crackers, Cattail on the cob with Sumac cashew creme

Forest Feast: Acorn pate rolled in wild Sumac, Chanterelle cashew spread, Chicken of the woods pate topped with preserved gooseberry, all served with a side of acorn cornbread

Beach Feast: Potatoes roasted with Bayberry leaves topped with cornelian cherry ketchup, Garlicky Glasswort and Goose-tongue topped with cojita, pickled pine shoots, knotweed, glasswort and radish pods

Dessert: Rugosa Rose Panna Cotta served in mussel shells, Blackberry spruce tartlets served on woven calamus mats, nettle cake topped with chokecherry-spruce coulis, Peach-Linden Bellini

Support for Foraged Feast is provided, in part, by the Kindling Fund, a grant program administered by SPACE as part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Program.

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